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Matilda The Musical - Cambridge Theatre, London

Expectations: 5/5
Reality: 5/5
Chronic Illness Friendly: 3/5

Chronic Illness Friendly Review

Location: The Cambridge Theatre is a beautiful venue, and I found it to be particularly wheelchair accessible. As the Box Office and Foyer Entrance are both step-free, you can pick up your tickets without hassle, and the Front Of House staff were both chatty and attentive as they personally took us around to the wheelchair entrance at the side of the theatre. From here, you can access the bar, a small confectionary kiosk, a programme stand and an accessible toilet without encountering steps.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green - Book Review

"Anybody can look at you. It's quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see."

2017 has been A Bloody Good Year for YA book releases, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated reading a novel as much as Turtles All the Way Down. John Green is without a doubt one of the most influential novelists of our generation, and as I’m sure they do for many other people, his books have had a significant impact on my life. Both Looking For Alaska and The Fault In our Stars are on my mental ‘Books That Shaped Me’ list, and I could not WAIT to see whether Turtles would be joining them in my hypothetical hall of fame.

42nd Street - Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Expectations: 4.5/5
Reality: 4.5/5

Chronic Illness Friendly: 3.5/5...

Books You Need In Your Life: July - September 2017

Welcome to the third quarterly edition of my Books You Need In Your Life series! I've read some absolute crackers over the course of the summer months, including the following...

Notes On My Family by Emily Critchley

'Dad has made Spaghetti Bolognese...I only have the Bolognese as I don't eat starch and protein together and Nan only has Bolognese because she thinks pasta is exotic.'

Your One Stop Free-From Tea And Biscuits Guide

So here’s the thing. I’m the first one to stick my hand up in the air and declare myself a complete and utter loser, for multiple things in life, but in this case for being THAT person who would choose a nice cup of tea over vodka shots. I’ll take the complete mickey out of myself for the joy I get from sitting down with a nice brew, a biscuit (or five), putting my feet up, and watching This Morning, and I’m more than aware that I’m probably old before my time. 

I’m not gonna lie, I just took a moment to read back what I’ve written and reflect on the fact that I’m twenty two years old and sitting here writing a blog post about my favourite tea and biscuits. But you know what? I stand by my belief that the humble tea and biscuit break is completely under-rated, and I can almost guarantee that I’m not alone in this. LET US ALL ENJOY TEA AND BISCUITS WITHOUT SOCIETAL JUDGEMENT.

In line with that, it just so happens that I am allergic to life.