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The Little Big Things by Henry Fraser - Book Review

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After reading the final page of The Little Big Things, I slowly closed the book and sat alone with my thoughts for a while. Its not often that I feel divided about something I’ve read; usually, by the time I’m halfway through, I have my thoughts somewhat in order. However, this memoir had me to-ing and fro-ing so much that I went back to the publisher who sent me the book and asked whether they really did want me to be one of the reviewers. After talking to Seven Dials and hedging my thoughts and concerns, they encouraged me to go ahead and post an honest review. So… here we go.

Hairspray the Musical (UK Tour 2017) - Bradford Alhambra Theatre

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Expectations: 5/5
Reality: 5/5
Chronic Illness Friendly: 4.9/5

Chronic Illness Friendly Review

Location: Bradford Alhambra Theatre is one of my happy places. I’ve been multiple times in the last few years, and given the city it lives in, you perhaps wouldn’t expect it to be such a gorgeous, gorgeous venue. If you have wobbly legs like me, you should perhaps take into consideration the location of the theatre itself; you’ll find it in the city centre at the bottom of a relatively steep hill with limited car access, meaning it isn’t the easiest place to access by foot, particularly if you have mobility issues.

Notes On My Family - Q&A with author Emily Critchley

'I wonder if Mum will be Mum again when she comes home. I wonder if she will remember that she tried to steal clothes from Debenhams and that she burnt our photographs in a saucepan. I wonder if she will remember that Dad is having an affair with a girl who, only last year, was too young to legally drink alcohol'. 


Today Im talking to author Emily Critchley about her debut YA novel, Notes On My Family. As one of my absolute favourite reads of the year, I jumped at the chance to chat to her more about it

Matilda The Musical - Cambridge Theatre, London

Expectations: 5/5
Reality: 5/5
Chronic Illness Friendly: 3/5

Chronic Illness Friendly Review

Location: The Cambridge Theatre is a beautiful venue, and I found it to be particularly wheelchair accessible. As the Box Office and Foyer Entrance are both step-free, you can pick up your tickets without hassle, and the Front Of House staff were both chatty and attentive as they personally took us around to the wheelchair entrance at the side of the theatre. From here, you can access the bar, a small confectionary kiosk, a programme stand and an accessible toilet without encountering steps.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green - Book Review

"Anybody can look at you. It's quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see."

2017 has been A Bloody Good Year for YA book releases, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated reading a novel as much as Turtles All the Way Down. John Green is without a doubt one of the most influential novelists of our generation, and as I’m sure they do for many other people, his books have had a significant impact on my life. Both Looking For Alaska and The Fault In our Stars are on my mental ‘Books That Shaped Me’ list, and I could not WAIT to see whether Turtles would be joining them in my hypothetical hall of fame.